How Adorable (October 24, 2007)

The babies are getting so big — it seems like each day they look bigger than they were the night before! Aiden is now on CPAP, and the doctors are planning to move him to nasal canula sometime this week. We will be very glad to get those long prongs out, and he will be so happy to have them out of his nose! As of today, Ethan and Evan are now taking four feeds a day by mouth. Evan is completely on room air, and Ethan is at a very low setting on his oxygen. Ethan and Evan are still having some effects from the chronic lung disease and are on breathing treatments to help oxygenate their lungs and keep them from requiring more oxygen or assistance breathing.

The doctors have started talking about Ethan and Evan possibly coming home in the next couple of weeks. Unfortunately, since this is the beginning of RSV season, the doctors have told us that we should be prepared to stay home with them until April and not allow them to be around any crowds, anyone with small children or anyone who has been around any type of illness (even someone with a runny nose) due to their chronic lung disease and the danger of their susceptibility to any type of illness. We will certainly be happy to have them home no matter what the circumstances, and are hoping that they will be home soon.
Manish has put together a new “weight” chart (below) showing the boys’ progress since they were born.

Also, below are some new pictures of the babies. We decided to put several images on this post and keep them all on one page. Enjoy!

Ethan is quite upset!

Such tiny hands

Sweet dreams for a little boy

Aiden loves his pacifier!

Aiden is keeping any eye out

Manish changes Ethan’s diaper — is it really that bad?

Mom with little Evan

Ethan enjoys watching the little ‘spiders’ go up and down on the bouncy seat

Evan wasn’t sure what to make of it — he liked the music!

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