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  1. Charity Krontz says:

    Hi Hanna and Manish,
    This is Charity Krontz. For ideas on names maybe you should think of ones that start with A, B, and C since that is what you are calling the babies now. Adam, Blake and Colby or something like that. Just a little thought from Bulgaria. Or you could name them Bulgarian names: Acen, Bratoslav,or. . . okay I can’t think of one that starts with a C but if I do I will let you know.

  2. LaFawn Thompson says:

    Hi Hannah and Manish,

    I love all the choice of names not only because of their sound but their meanings – my favorites are Aiden, Gabriel and Saige. I will be praying as well as my prayer partners for Baby C and we believe he is whole in Jesus’ name. 3 boys aren’t so bad, I have 3 (and 1 girl) but then again I didn’t have them all at once!

  3. Pam Meester says:

    Hi Hannah & Manish,
    It was great to get the update on the boys! Hannah, you look fantastic and Manish you look ok too. We’ll continue to pray for all and trust the Lord to know what is best! I don’t have any name suggestions…I’ll leave that up to you. Thanks for registry…I can start shopping soon. PAM

  4. Jodie Wegman says:

    O,my O my….Three??? Wow that is awesome!! You will love having all boys. We have four of them and they are the biggest blessings! Hannah, boys LOVE their Mammas!!!! You look sooo fantastic for having three in there!!! You go girl!!! You guys will be such great parents. Your adding alot all at once but I am sure you are ready for the challange. When the days are rough and long,I remind myself that I would rather have my hands FULL than EMPTY!!!!God bless I am soooooo excited for the two of you!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    God bless the two of you. Its a miracle waiting to happen.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Hanna & Manaish,

    Our prayers are with you and all the babies! We are praying that that the Lords’s will, will be done with your three lovely children. God only gives us what we can handle not what we think we can do. You will pick wonderful names and that is half that fun of it as well as doing up the nursey. Christine has kept us on top of things. I think this web-site is great way to keep people on top of things and up to date.

    Our prayers & love!
    Mr & Mrs Boyington

  7. Dennis Allen says:

    Hi Hanna and Manish,
    WOW! What exciting news about your pending family. First, congradulations to you both. Some would have the taken their family building one at a time but we know you better as that wonderful person who gives everything she does 110%. It sounds like for the most part you and the guys are doing ok so far. Hanna, you, Manish and the boys will be in my proyers for a sound healthy arrival. Rest up. This little adventure will be more work that doing 4 proposals at once due on the same day.

  8. Pollie Deeringer says:

    Hey Hannah and Manish,
    Congratulations! I’ll be praying for you all. It’s great to hear how God is working in your family.

  9. Nancy S says:

    Hi Hannah
    I’ve been so thrilled to follow your news, just checked in to the web-site and saw your photos. You make a beautiful family. I miss working with you in Phoenix-Dallas-where ever… and our trips to Starbucks and Kinkos. I’m an experienced “Nana” now [2 girls, 1 boy] and will be hoping and praying for continued healthy growth and development. Take care and thanks for keeping in touch.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hi Guys!
    Just a quick note to let you know we’re praying for a safe delivery and continued health for both Hannah and the Boys (you too Manish ;-). Can you possibly post some more pics (of pregnant Hannah)?
    Thanks! Lots of Love,

  11. Anonymous says:

    I’m with Abi, more pictures please.(This time of Hannah and you). Thanks.

  12. Kathy Nichols says:

    Hannah, I am so happy for you both! This is so exciting. I miss seeing your beautiful smile at work. Your pictures are gorgeous! I am so glad we get to keep up with the progress of the babies on your site. We are keeping all of you in prayer and can’t wait to see them when they arrive! I too have life changing blessings coming… my youngest daughter is having my first grandchild the first of February and my oldest just told us last night that she found out Saturday that she is pregnant too! So, I will have my first grandbabies 3 months apart!

  13. Anonymous says:

    congraulations! We’re praying.

  14. Carolyn says:

    Congratulations, Manish and Hannah! Glad to hear you had a quick delivery 🙂 We are thinking about you all – please try to get some rest and keep us posted.

  15. Pollie Deeringer says:

    WOW! I’m praying for you “five”, especially the little guys. Thanks for keeping me posted. I’m so excited for you. Hannah, I just passed the word along to Mrs. Kiser, and she’s thrilled for you!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Hallelujah! What a blessing! I’m so happy for you, Hannah and Manish – those boys are beautiful and healthy!


  17. Priscilla says:

    Congratulations times 3!

    Tons of good wishes for you both and especially for the 3 unbelievable handsome boys. You have now left one life behind and in a flash have entered a new life as parents and guardians of three new lives – you will love the experience with all its joys, trials and tribulations, but mostly pure and simple glory and the wonder of it all. You have now also added to all of the twins in the Christie family – you have certainly done more than your share in carrying on the family “tradition”. I passed on your website to the family and they will be remembering you all in their prayers. Enyoy each day, one at a time. May the Lord Bless You and Keep you!

  18. Deppye Newman says:

    Welcome to the World. What a blessing for you both. What wonderful days and adventures you have to look forward to. Your family will be in our prayers.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Hannah and Manish,
    You and the three boys are in our prayers. We know the Lord is all powerful and He will do His work in you and in the lives of these little ones.
    As far as names: If you go with the ABC theme as suggested by Charity Krontz, Adam/Aaron, Benjamin, Caleb or as I was thinking the first time Manish posted this site – Jake, James and Justin. Just some thoughts.
    Love, Lorry and Tony Flynn

  20. Anonymous says:

    hi Hannah, Manish, grandparents and babies a, b and c.

    I am praying for each of you during this time, it is so exciting to be starting a new life with three young boys coming into their own. I know that God has His hand on this and that His will, will be done. As for names, I think that is such a personal thing, however, I do like some of the ones I read on your blog. I want you to know that the family in New Hampshire and North Carolina is behind you and holding each of you up daily. I am excited and looking forward to seeing more pictures, those babies are wonderful. My love to each and everyone. Aunt Pinky

  21. Anonymous says:

    Dear Hannah & Manish,
    They are sooooo beautiful! You are in our prayers as well as the babies! This web site is great! Of course, so are you! 🙂
    We love you!
    The Paynes
    ps It really isn’t fair that you got buy one get two free…But you are half way to us! haha

  22. Priscilla says:

    Dear Hannah and Manish,

    HURRAH! I am so thrilled to hear your words, “God has been so good! Things are going quite well with the babies…” My day could not have been started in any better way – it is absolutely wonderful to hear your thoughts. I will pass them on if its OK with you. AND the second best thing is that the boys have such beautiful names – I can’t imagine the difficulty coming up with THREE names – it could drive you nuts trying to make them fit each baby, but you did a perfect job. We had trouble coming up with one name each time. Remember, even if you are not hearing from us, we are all out there sending all our good thoughts and prayers. Give Ethan, Evan and Aiden a kiss from all their cousins and twinnies. We look forward to meeting them in person.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Dear Hannah and Manish,

    I can’t believe it! I am so excited for you! How much fun – three babies. You are in my thoughts all the time. My kindred spirit is a mom. I love you very much. I think my smile will stretch off of my face.


  24. Melissa Marshall says:

    G’Day from Down Under,
    Congrats on the babies. I know how excited and tired you are, but aren’t they worth it? We are praying for you guys as well as the babies. You caught up to us all in one go!
    We love the names, but I agree that trying to say all three at once when you get frustrated with them later, is going to be a challenge!!!
    Enjoy the challenge! Children are a wonderful blessing!
    The Marshall’s – Joe, Melissa, Breanna, Josiah and Kaitlyn

  25. Anonymous says:

    Hi Hannah and Manish,
    Congratulations times three! Your mom has kept me updated and I’m so glad to see your website. The babies are so precious and they are in our prayers constantly. Having had preemies of my own (my smallest was 3-3) I have a little idea of what you’re going through, but I only had to deal with one at a time. God must have known you could handle more!
    Welcome to the toughest job you’ll ever love!
    Beverly Kuhn

  26. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the updates and pictures. Skylan loves to look at the pictures, but loves the video even more. She keeps wanting to “hold the baby who’s crying, he wants his mommy”. They are really cute,and I agree, I want to hold them too. Give them a kiss and hug from us, and maybe take more video.

  27. says:

    Hi, Hanna and Manish!

    We recently heard your wonderful news about your babies. We are so happy for you and will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. May God bless you richly as you rear your little ones for Him.

    Love in Christ,
    Pastor and Marsha Burkholder

  28. Bro. Jeff Krontz says:

    Dear Hanna and Manish,
    Just wanted to let you know we are praying for you all and praying that Aiden will do better in the next day or so. We are also praying for Evan and Ethan. We are praying for you both too. We love you all in the Lord and we really enjoy seeing the pictures and watching the videos. Wish we could be there to help, but Bulgaria is a little far away.

    Love in Christ

    Bro. Jeff, Jan, Charity and Naomi

  29. Dawn Birkey says:

    Hello Hannah and Manish,
    Your pictures remind me of so many things. My twins are 17 now and as healthy as can be. They had a rough start but God is good.
    We pray for you every day.
    Dave and Dawn Birkey

  30. Anonymous says:

    I hope you will keep up with the blog as the babies grow.

  31. Mrs. Sharon Richardson says:

    Hi Hannah & Manish, this is Mrs. Richardson in Lakeland, FL. It is in the 80’s here and is probably nice where you live. Your folks might be a bit chilly there in Boston! I love looking at the updates of the babies. They are so precious, and I just love to watch God move in their growth! Aiden, the charmer, is so adoreable in that picture after his bath when he was wrapped up in his blanket. We are so happy for you both and our church, Highlands Baptist, has been praying for all of you. God bless your precious family.

  32. Jill Hogue says:

    Hi Hannah, Manish and Abi,

    My name is Jill Hogue and I am Aleta’s co-worker at HBS. Rae (our manager) and I went to see Aleta and Kaelyn last night and they are doing great. I took some pictures and would be happy to send them along, but I don’t have your email addresses. Feel free to email me at

    Also, Hannah & Manish–I want you to know that I am praying for you and your boys! You all are so strong. Aleta let us know that Aiden is back in the hospital and is at Children’s this time. My older sister, Erica (Gannon) lives in Dallas (I grew up in Texas) and is a volunteer at Children’s. She volunteers every Monday night after work. If you’re comfortable with this (and if Aiden is able to have sitters come in), she’d be happy to check in on him when she’s there. We definitely don’t want to impose, but please let me know if there is anything we/she can do to help.

    All the best,

  33. Anonymous says:

    Greetings to Hannah and ALL her boys — big, small, and smallest.

    This is your old friend and co-worker, Nancy Swartz, letting you know how thrilled I was to check in today and see your precious message, pictures and videos. I’ve been keeping up with your progress and can’t imagine how you’ve managed to keep it all together. So happy your mom has been there to help. I will be hoping and praying this is the beginning of many healthy years for the three boys. I think of you often and know you’re totally absorbed in motherhood and happy to be there. Best wishes to you all.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Have they checked Aiden for metabolic issues? Since he’s the only one sick and not identical to the others, it may be something only he has that is causing him to not process a certain type of protein or enzyme.

  35. Kasey (Ethan's Mommy) says:

    Hi Hannah, I’ve added a link to your website on my website so that many others will also be praying…. thinking of you all tonight and praying God heals each of you…. especially Aiden. Hugs from Connecticut.

  36. LaFawn Thompson says:

    Hi Hannah and Manish,

    The boys are so beautiful! And reading your ‘day in the life’ Manish made me laugh so hard – you two are truly a team! I know God will lead you to those who can stop the vomiting issue for Aiden so he can join his Ethan and Evan in the fun on the ground. Hannah, you look so beautiful and happy, and Manish you don’t look bad yourself! Don’t forget to maintain that closeness with one another, that’s so important!

  37. Kasey (Ethan's Mommy) says:

    Hannah, I love every single one of your pictures! Having never “met” you, it so wonderful to be able to look at pictures and feel connected to your family anyway. I am so happy you were able to have the baby dedication. I look forward to that day with our little Ethan. I’m so sorry Aiden is still struggling, but I am praying for his complete and overall healing and I know others are, too! Hugs from Connecticut!

  38. Kasey (Ethan's Mommy) says:

    Hi Hannah, if you guys do end up going to Boston, please email me and let me know. We will be in Boston for Ethan’s bone marrow transplant from mid to end of July and all of August and even parts of September. If you have to stay there long, I’d love to meet you and buy ya some coffee!

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