Wedding Shower (Surprise)

2014_05_fam_01.jpg Which one is enjoying this more?

2014_05_fam_02.jpg Evan wants to call the plays but uncle Oak takes charge

2014_05_fam_03.jpg Meanwhile, Aiden plays football down the slide

2014_05_fam_04.jpg Time to eat!

2014_05_fam_05.jpg Fake crying! He doesn’t want to wear the outfit, he wants to eat it.

2014_05_fam_06.jpg Aunt Rashmi is having a good time while Aunt Nupur gives shoulder rides

2014_05_fam_07.jpg So much fun at the park. Papa gives chase to Aiden and eventually caught him.

2014_05_fam_08.jpg Fun at Ontario beach. The kids try to catch the seagulls.

2014_05_fam_09.jpg The kids pose while the birds fly away

2014_05_fam_10.jpg They have a race while Oak, Aunt O and baby Logan take a picture

2014_05_fam_11.jpg Fun on the merry go round. Uncle Abishek likes this lion. ‘Prince’ (aka ‘A’) had a great time too.

2014_05_fam_12.jpg Getting ready to go to the surprise shower…stop playing games!

2014_05_fam_13.jpg The boys had a blast everywhere they went

2014_05_fam_14.jpg A few pictures of everyone

2014_05_fam_15.jpg Fun fun fun.

2014_05_fam_16.jpg These are some of the weirdest looking brides.

2014_05_fam_17.jpg But, they made everyone laugh.

2014_05_fam_18.jpg Amisha and Jon entertained everyone while the kids watched a movie on the Ipad.

2014_05_fam_19.jpg Some more family pics

2014_05_fam_20.jpg …and some more…

2014_05_fam_21.jpg …and a group shot.

2014_05_fam_22.jpg Back to the beach. Grandma and Amisha help the boys build a sand castle. Amisha gives a kiss to Grandma.

2014_05_fam_23.jpg Seems Grandma is doing all the work. Jon and Ethan take a walk by the water.

2014_05_fam_24.jpg The boys found a…toad!

    Christmas in ’13

    Winter is off to a cold start! We had a snow storm that blanketed the Dallas area and brought very cold temperatures. Of course, the boys saw an opportunity to play in the snow and did everything in their power to convince us to let them play outside. It did make for some fun pictures.

    To top off the month, Christmas was a great way to end as the boys got several new gifts (some they like, others not as much) and had a great time with Uncle Tim, Aunt Aleta and their cousins Gavin and Kaelyn. Below are some pics from the last few weeks. Merry Christmas to all!


    2013_12_fam_01.jpg Playing in the ice

    2013_12_fam_02.jpg Evan and Ethan, so cute!

    2013_12_fam_03.jpg Aiden, show your face!

    2013_12_fam_04.jpg Still loves his green toy

    2013_12_fam_05.jpg Ice and snow everywhere

    2013_12_fam_06.jpg Christmas time!

    2013_12_fam_07.jpg Ethan’s loves his gift while Aiden tries out the Arctic Cat

    2013_12_fam_08.jpg With their cousins…time to open gifts

    2013_12_fam_09.jpg Bedlam always ensues

    2013_12_fam_14.jpg Decorations everywhere!

    2013_12_fam_10.jpg Those three play outdoors while Aiden naps

    2013_12_fam_11.jpg Both moms got great gifts!

    2013_12_fam_12.jpg Ethan reads so well;

    2013_12_fam_13.jpg What an eventful day for the boys

      New little Turkey

      Baby Logan was born a few months ago and is the boy’s first cousin on Manish’s side of the family. The boys had a very eventful November as they spent quite a bit of time outdoors playing football, riding their bikes and visiting their grandparents and Uncle/Aunt in Austin for Thanksgiving.


      2013_11_fam_01.jpg Battle with the foamy thing

      2013_11_fam_02.jpg battle over the cars…did Evan win?

      2013_11_fam_03.jpg Time to ride bikes

      2013_11_fam_04.jpg Fall is so beautiful

      2013_11_fam_05.jpg Evan loves it!

      2013_11_fam_06.jpg Playing ball at (uncle) Oak’s house in Austin while Aiden rides the scooter

      2013_11_fam_07.jpg Homerun?

      2013_11_fam_08.jpg Baby Logan’s 1st Thanksgiving

      2013_11_fam_09.jpg Grandparents and kids


      2013_11_fam_11.jpg Logan is the center of attention

      2013_11_fam_12.jpg Papa takes the boys out for ice cream

        Allison & Ryan’s Engagement Session

        The weather just could not be any better for photography! This weekend, I took Allison and Ryan’s engagement session at the Grapevine Botanical Gardens. In addition to great weather, the lighting was perfect! Allison and Ryan were great to work with and I am so grateful for the opportunity to shoot their session.

        A few favorites…