Summer means pooltime

The pool is open for fun! The boys have been looking forward to getting the pool for the past several weeks.

We went in a few times in May but the water was very cold. The temperature is finally warm enough where they can get in and stay in without shivering. Here are a few pics of the boys jumping around in the pool.

2014_06_fam_01.jpg Ethan and Evan pose outdoors


2014_06_fam_02.jpg Evan gets in Ethan’s face while; Ethan takes a big leap


2014_06_fam_03.jpg Who can jump higher?


2014_06_fam_03.jpg E&E at the store (top); going for a ride with some friends after Awana (bottom)


    Wedding Shower (Surprise)

    2014_05_fam_01.jpg Which one is enjoying this more?

    2014_05_fam_02.jpg Evan wants to call the plays but uncle Oak takes charge

    2014_05_fam_03.jpg Meanwhile, Aiden plays football down the slide

    2014_05_fam_04.jpg Time to eat!

    2014_05_fam_05.jpg Fake crying! He doesn’t want to wear the outfit, he wants to eat it.

    2014_05_fam_06.jpg Aunt Rashmi is having a good time while Aunt Nupur gives shoulder rides

    2014_05_fam_07.jpg So much fun at the park. Papa gives chase to Aiden and eventually caught him.

    2014_05_fam_08.jpg Fun at Ontario beach. The kids try to catch the seagulls.

    2014_05_fam_09.jpg The kids pose while the birds fly away

    2014_05_fam_10.jpg They have a race while Oak, Aunt O and baby Logan take a picture

    2014_05_fam_11.jpg Fun on the merry go round. Uncle Abishek likes this lion. ‘Prince’ (aka ‘A’) had a great time too.

    2014_05_fam_12.jpg Getting ready to go to the surprise shower…stop playing games!

    2014_05_fam_13.jpg The boys had a blast everywhere they went

    2014_05_fam_14.jpg A few pictures of everyone

    2014_05_fam_15.jpg Fun fun fun.

    2014_05_fam_16.jpg These are some of the weirdest looking brides.

    2014_05_fam_17.jpg But, they made everyone laugh.

    2014_05_fam_18.jpg Amisha and Jon entertained everyone while the kids watched a movie on the Ipad.

    2014_05_fam_19.jpg Some more family pics

    2014_05_fam_20.jpg …and some more…

    2014_05_fam_21.jpg …and a group shot.

    2014_05_fam_22.jpg Back to the beach. Grandma and Amisha help the boys build a sand castle. Amisha gives a kiss to Grandma.

    2014_05_fam_23.jpg Seems Grandma is doing all the work. Jon and Ethan take a walk by the water.

    2014_05_fam_24.jpg The boys found a…toad!

      Easter fun

      Easter time included a visit from Papa and Grandma, making Easter eggs with the cousins and a lot of time outdoors. The boys are excited that summer is approaching and keep asking when they can go in the pool. It will probably be a few weeks but with Texas weather, you never can tell.


      2014_04_fam_01.jpg Tossing the football with Papa

      2014_04_fam_02.jpg Time for toy cars down the driveway

      2014_04_fam_03.jpg Aiden loses a wheel; Evan, don’t hit Aiden! What are Papa and Grandma laughing at?

      2014_04_fam_04.jpg Making Easter eggs (Monster Inc. style)

      2014_04_fam_06.jpg E&E climb a tree with their cousin, Kaelyn; the boys admire a hot rod

      2014_04_fam_05.jpg The boys and Daddy

        Cold Spring, Upcoming Wedding

        From the pictures below, you can tell it was a cold start to spring (or a cold Winter’s end). The last few weeks have been consistently cold (seems colder than previous years). We had a mini ice-storm and the plants, the street and even the grass blades froze!

        Despite the weather, the boys enjoyed themselves! Papa, Grandma and Aunt Amisha were in town as they were finalizing the details for Amisha’s wedding dress (wedding will be in July).


        2014_03_fam_01.jpg Frozen!

        2014_03_fam_02.jpg Papa sits with Aiden and Grandma/Amisha are worn down from the bridal dress shopping

          Season Ends (but play continues)

          Congrats to the Seattle Seahawks on a great victory! We liked both Superbowl teams and would have taken either team as a winner. The boys had a great time watching and even though football season is over, they continue to play. A few images from this month below.


          2014_02_fam_01.jpg Ethan is confused by the play and Evan is too; Evan, that is one way to make a catch

          2014_02_fam_02.jpg Somehow, Ethan came up with it and hung on

          2014_02_fam_03.jpg Aiden finds a spot to sit by the fence while the other two play ball

          2014_02_fam_04.jpg His hair looks like a helmet…Ethan’s is getting long too